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Looking For A Woman

looking for a woman Posted 24 May 2016
Hi my name is lukas, 32, I'm looking for a woman with black hairs to marry and have kids, she has to have a white skin, and be caucasian and # brunette # marriage i'm a french jordanian citizen, it makes me look serbian i'm open hearted of french education english spoken i'm shy and I respect women's right i'm not a dictator I want a family oriented woman that can manage life in an advanced country (complex system) she has to have dark hairs psychiatry problems ok no cheating marriage contract family mom brunette marriage I'm business oriented university degree in law I'm security oriented brunette marriage baby babies real woman only email me if you fit in the profile photos available lifetime attempt to reach princess brunette mariage model looks fit I can travel to the usa dark hairs white skin if you have a slave that match contact me lifetime attempt brunette marriage babies I'm tall and fit smart intelligent eastern europe welcome email me : superloukas@gmail.com
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Re: Looking For A Woman Posted 14 June 2016
hah and nobody answers
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