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Learn French

Learn French Posted 23 January 2012
For people interested in learning French , try Franglish.eu
Meet locals and learn French at the same time.
Language exchange events 3 to 5 times per week in Paris (also in Nice and London).
More than 5000 members in Paris.
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Re: Learn French Posted 14 February 2012
Great idea, i would love to do this
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Re: Learn French Posted 05 March 2012
what about polyglot club, i hear they have started the same thing?
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Re: Learn French Posted 16 August 2013
Just live in France for a month an you will learn French....
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Re: Learn French Posted 21 December 2015
I everybody i was looking for french lessons in Paris and i try hello study France agency ( http://hello-study-france.com/en ) to help me to find lessons appropriate for my project and thez were very helpfull specially Anthony who give me lot of advices very important .
You can trust this agency to help you.
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