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Exclusive Expatriates Circles Posted 01 March 2020
as all my fellow expatriates i carry a technical package that keeps me safe in my travels around the world. It is an exclusive amount of rights that keeps me socially secure and guarantees me from social insecurity. It is like being rich, you have the time to organise yourself the way you want. Only with money comes more problems and this is a rich man disease... but once the paperwork is done you have the feeling of complete security and serenity. The rich man's disease is more in administrative paperwork, identity, rights, budget management and physical security, this is why rich people prefer to gather in exclusice circles that keeps them above the social questions and problems the majority of society face. After all if one happens to get rich there are new possibilities given like travel, explore, discover etc... it takes a little imagination to picture the rich man's life, cars, villas etc... but in the end one has to stay alert to the clock, and has to report administration about a situation. If one runs on social money and is performing everyday without an Official Salary, having one would not change the daily performance and productivity of the agent, there would be changes in the living standards but not of the core activity of the performer (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/WordPress). The statu quo is awesome, i have an office, a small library with more books coming in from amazon, an honest computer with Internet access through my smartphone, i'm studying arabic, law, religion, forex, only since i discovered the true power of books... ideas, concepts and other intellectual material. I have projects etc... The rich have rich problems, the poor money problems.
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