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Broaden Your Horizon: Female Company Wanted For Fr, 21.5.

broaden your horizon: female company wanted for Fr, 21.5. Posted 18 May 2010
Dear exciting and curious girl

My name is Sven, I am 35 years young (scorpion), 188cm, Swiss (Zürich), cultivated, manscaped, Marketing director, sporty, attractive and I love adventure and new experiences. I work temporarly in Paris, speak fluently English, German and French and I have broad tantra experience and I adore all variations of sexuality without risking my health. :cool:

I love meeting new people from all over the world, to run conversations with interesting open minded people and I feel to young to live already a total ordinary life. :twisted:

Therefore I have decided to do something extraordinary and broaden my experience horizon! raverboy I have decided to go and enjoy for the first time a top Swinger Club in Paris. After some research I have decided to go and see "les Chandelles". Which interesting and attractive girl (you can be from wherever you want to be, you can be married or in a serious relationship, it will be our secret) is courageous and and curious enough to enjoy this experience with me. Of course I will invite you for the dinner and afterwards we will see what the night will bring to us. :)

I am very much excited who will be my combatant in Paris on Friday night... :wavey:

Big kiss and please write me as soon as possible,

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Posted 10 October 2013
hello i like you profile

hello i like you profile

hello i am live in paris i wanna enjoy with you bashry945@gmail this is my id
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