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Short Movies To Play On YouTube

Short Movies to Play on YouTube Posted 15 October 2014
i'm desperately looking for some team to write, act, produce and edit movies so do you want to join the crew ?
Art production is promoted by large corps so funds would not be too problematic. What matters is the scripts, you have to be captured by what write. It's too soon to produce, i have too many questions to ask bankers to make sure i'm busy at WORK. Before i begin to produce something i need to finish my ongoing project, it's a story of a poor italian that wants to join the mafia, but they remain distant for some unknown reason. After i'm done i will be available for brand new productions with stories related to fraternities and what teamwork can do. i don't want to picture the obvious, inso the path to the light is still enshadened. I will need a movie, but not a boring one, a movie that shows something real not that all movies are recreative, but i will need to get to the point before i decide wether i take a job at a company or WORK on my own projects. I must be by now one of the most talented Director of my génération, but i don't know how my last project ends, So i need to make sure how the story ends before i can have fun creating something of my kind. I know where i want to take the audience and it looks.... however !!!!
But let me tell you how one story goes, they find a cave with a book... Only it takes a few to make A movie.
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Re: Short Movies To Play On YouTube Posted 06 May 2016
hmm i'll look for you
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