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Prada Employees

Prada Employees Posted 04 January 2022
Hello all,

i want to express my disappointment at the Prada shop employees in Paris, it appears they run the shop with subversive marketing techniques, the marketing campain being available in mainstream medias i am furious and deceived by the organisation of their business, the marketing strategy being gross and outrageous. They manipulate honest customers with raw brainwashing and base their communication on a psychologically disturbing speech. Their campain is articulated over strategic key media platforms and they let go corrupted, authoritarian, and manipulative public relations policy. The problem is a delusional, betrayal and oppressive result... who stills want to visit Paris shop ? How to stay human and friendly with Prada employees around ? How to explain children they live in a hostile, predator and dangerous social environment ? How come there is Prada officials in the public eye ? One can forgive and make peace, but some brothers will not, it takes too much philosophy if they happen to notice, understand and decide their response, it could result in dramatic happenings given the antagony between the social groups and escalate to a new statu quo that would get inter-dimensional, opening a new social window and a social black hole in the history narrative...
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