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Model Agency

Model Agency Posted 04 April 2011
Hi users of ParisForums.

I would like to alert you on the lack of talent detecting skills of some model agencies (i will not tell the name of the one i've been in contact with)

They know very well i'm a great model, one of the best available on the market. I offered them the opportunity to meet me, and they didn't call me back... No class.

The thing is... a model like me rarely considers giving a second chance, they're going to have to be very persuasive. I have a too high opinion of myself, and my personal skills for lobbying directly the designers make me an independant model.

They blew me OFF!!!!???? ME?
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Re: Model Agency Posted 05 March 2012
just reading this post i cant imagine why they blew you off, you sound lovely
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Re: Model Agency Posted 29 March 2016
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