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Computer Company

Computer Company Posted 08 April 2011

i would like to report something i'm getting tired with.

I've been a regular customer for a well known computer company.

Now i'm having a problem with them because they keep using some code i don't like.

They keep making things complicated.

I think i'm gonna quit them.

What do you think i should do?
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Re: Computer Company Posted 24 June 2011
I think you don't have to quit your computer company, they are using the code for to save u form any fraud from the internet.
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Re: Computer Company Posted 10 January 2012
many computer company in India some are listed here:-
1. Tata Consultancy Services.

2. Wipro.

3. Infosys .

4. Satyam Computer Services.

5. HCL Technologies.

6. Tech Mahindra.

7. Patni Computer Systems.

8. i-flex Solutions.

9. MphasiS.

10. L&T Infotech.
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Re: Computer Company Posted 28 January 2012
Always get the Intel original technology.You will have no need to ask any question further about any thing else .
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