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Hi Dudes!

Hi Dudes! Posted 15 September 2010

I am new here on this forum but not new to Paris. I have been there many times. I like Paris a lot actually it's one of my favorite city in the world. I have visited more than 15 countries and i like to visit more and more countries. Well, nice to be here on this forum, I hope all of you'll welcome me by heart.
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Re: Hi Dudes! Posted 18 September 2010
A very warm welcome to you. Now that you are here, you will probably need to make a lot of new friends and probably need help on things like finding a job or apartments or maybe even dating. Well, we are here to help you out for all these.
We are a group of expatriates who meet regularly with the objective of meeting new people, not just any people, but international people at that.
Please visit,
Pub Saint Germain
17 Rue de l'Ancienne- Comédie
48° 50' 38.1552" N, 2° 21' 3.8664" E

It takes place every Sunday at 6 pm.

Moreover, we are also starting Cuban Salsa Courses from the 3rd of October at the same venue, every Sunday, 8pm onwards.


Pub St Germain,

17 Rue de l'Ancienne- Comédie,

48° 50' 38.1552" N, 2° 21' 3.8664" E


Starting from the 3rd of October, 2010 ---- each Sunday, at 8pm

LEVEL : Full-beginners or people having some knowledge

DETAILS : We are offering Cuban Salsa classes in 3 different languages- French, English and German with English being the main language. Also, you get the opportunity to mingle with a superbly friendly and international group. The course will last for 1 to 1 ½ hour which will be followed by dancing at will, so that advanced dancers can join at that time.

TRAINER PROFILE : Our trainer is Beatrice- a very well known and excellent patron of Salsa herself.

WHY US : We are the only group in Paris that can boast of offering Cuban Salsa courses in 3 different languages. Not only that we also give you the opportunity to meet hundreds of people and not just ordinary people but people from various nations all over the world. So, it is not only the pleasure of dancing you get but also the fun and excitement of making new friends.
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