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Sudden Gain And Lose Leads To Many Health Problems

Sudden Gain And Lose Leads to Many Health Problems Posted 12 July 2018
Sudden Gain And Lose Leads to Many Health Problems :

Television actor Kavi Kumar Azad who played Dr Hansraj Hathi in the popular Hindi show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma died on Monday as a result of cardiac arrest. The actor complained of uneasiness on the morning of 9 July but was declared dead when he was brought to a hospital.

The larger issue that remains even after Azad's death is the unfortunate consequences for actors whose roles require them to be of a certain weight. In Azad's case, he played the role of an over-weight doctor in the show (since 2009). Azad suffered from health complications due to obesity and according to cast members would arrive for shoots even in the times of illness.

This isn't the first one has heard of an actor risking his/her health for a role. The kinds of lifestyle changes that actors undergo for various roles are often publicised as revelations of 'surprising' transformations, followed by detailed interviews where the actor discloses the process involved in the drastic weight loss or weight gain. What often gets glossed over in these narratives is the health risk involved.

On the pitfalls of actors undergoing drastic transformations nutritionist Sunita Dube says, "Actors have certain role requirements and they get so into their prep that they don’t mind going beyond their normal body-weight — either gaining or lose it. I don’t know the actor (Azad) personally but what I've heard is that he was very over-weight and obesity would have been a major cause in his death. Most actors and film stars are also stressed due to heavy work or shooting schedules so they are not able to keep up their diet, medicines or exercise — whatever they have been advised by doctors to follow, and such kind of irregularities also cause further problems."


weight gain/loss should be done gradually, with the body given ample time to adjust. "It (the change) will last longer, as compared to when you suddenly plan to gain or lose weight by adopting unhealthy diets due to which you’re not getting the required nutritional supplements."

"If you want to lose weight you can follow a diet pattern and follow exercise and safely lose weight. Now gaining weight takes time. Because here, nutrition is more important. You cannot just go on eating fats to put on weight because that affects your heart. So you need to have the right balance of food and nutrition. You need to eat more calories than what you’re expending. But you have to ensure that the calories come from the right sources. People tend to follow what actors do and it is dangerous when people follow fads without understanding what their own body needs. Every body is different!"

So, Overweight person you please lose weight but in a right manner...
Follow the Rule : Slow And Steady wins the race.....

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