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Physics And Environment

Physics and Environment Posted 27 October 2013
Wether you want to live on a planet being respectful of its environment and nature, a people, a government or any other community must conclude to some fact:

Without the natural energies of the earth, it's getting hard to grow food or to lessen the use of natural energies like water, air and sun...

This is where superloukas rushes in.

The first thing you need to do as a government concerned with environment ( let me check... it's 2013, they all are ) Is to rush in to your physics research center. In europe we have the CERN, it's the european organization for nuclear research.

So basically the Responsible Politician can launch some new research department on respectfull environmental food project.

Let the scientist do the job. These people go into neutrons to see how it affects protons, so they may have some hints on how to build artificial food growing complexes.

And here we are. Able to grow food wherever ( space, planets and down on earth respectful of our ecosystem )

I guess it's all a matter of formula: H2 + O = H2O = water No ?

it would only be the beginning of some new dream, LONG LIVE THE AMERICAN DREAM
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