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Electricity In Paris

Electricity in Paris Posted 15 January 2012
I was thinking...

Where does all that electricity that enlightens Paris comes from ? Is it necessary that all those lights be turned on ? Can't they just reduce costs and carbon emissions ?

They need to use low consumption bulbs. They will have more money to give the city fresher looks.
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Re: Electricity in Paris Posted 28 March 2012
I think the government had to do something with it so that they can conserve electricity. They need to find solution on how to conserve electricity in Paris.
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Re: Electricity in Paris Posted 10 April 2012
I don't know either I think you should search for EDF that is the main provider of electricity for the city of Paris.
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Re: Electricity in Paris Posted 13 July 2012
From What they say on the codification of energy consumption, the low consumption bulbs would be a great solution for a high consumer of energy.

From the Energy consuming Codification, Those bulbs would have a very very long life expectancy, but the consumer stays perplex on the iso9009 codification. Immortal bulbs staying In the mind of the consumer something possible, but too great to be true.

Therefore the bulbs industry would be treated like all other industries, with no respect of environmental concern. The leaders And executives of the bulb industry would now need to send a positive signal to the market, That needs to know on which industry he can base his Calculations on.

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Re: Electricity In Paris Posted 18 July 2012
More than 70% of electricity in France is from Nuclear Plants.

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