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Climate Change

Climate Change Posted 10 July 2012
After years of unclear Strategy on global warming the UN Environment Agency Secretary takes positive steps In cooling the temperature.
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Re: Climate Change Posted 12 July 2012
Global what?

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Re: Climate Change Posted 01 March 2013
I havn't looked at that video, however I also share your concern with the environment.

Another ice age is going to come within the next few thousand years and it'll definately cause some inconvenience ;] I would, however, expect some huge leaps in technology before it happens that would enevitably save our hides. By the time it hits our descendants, we should have something in the bag ready. If not; it'll be time for us to leave.
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Re: Climate Change Posted 26 June 2013
Oh ya everyone feels sudden change in climate.
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Re: Climate Change Posted 28 August 2013
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Posted 29 August 2013
The Big Swindle Movie is awesome!
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