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Are We Taking A Hybrid Technology Turn?

Are we Taking a Hybrid Technology Turn? Posted 05 October 2012
No less than 2 years ago, driving a hybrid vehicle was something not very Common that would consequentially lead to your classification as some Green Terrorist by the US intelligence services...
Nowadays, with the diversification of the Forget about the money offers, It Seems the technology is reaching a much more important consumerbase, attracted by the ever increasing oil prices, And, also by the green trend on which all economists base their Calculations for a future growth cycle.

As a citizen of one of the leading nations, my question is not really about How much money I'm going to save out of this New technology. In fact, the question goes deeper, beyond the casual mathematic budgetary calculation, because In some way, the shift to the hybrids is the entry point of a future world where human technology lives In harmony with nature.
It may be ridiculous for someone coming from the future to witness our times, And It would inevitably be but something comfortable is that these people don't exist. Comfortable, but simplistic. One may have to dig into futuristic perspective to feed the present with New creativity And imagination.

When i was first led to notice this New Technology, i would not have a clear understanding of the material and what it could mean for me. It's only after some time that i now conceive, on a personal perspective that the Hybrid Technology shift is something important, because It changes definitively the way i will see things.
For example, as the discovery of Internet made us wonder Wether we could find a connection or not, the Hybrid vehicles Will make us wonder wether our activities are pollutive or not, leading us to change our habits. Because we may treat this internet thing casually out of vanity play "oh-i-was-using-it-since-the-eighties" or "you-know^^....i'm-just-cooler-than-you-are-about-it" , but this surely has to with some more "Sacred" perception one may have about History of Humanity.
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Re: Are We Taking A Hybrid Technology Turn? Posted 01 March 2013
Everything's going to go solar. The fact that we'd need juice-up stations permanantly just means that the Government would seriously need to guarentee terrorists and hackers won't ever take control of power stations [Thinking Die Hard 4.0 here] else everything could end up in the poop.

I feel the most pollutive thing we are doing is cutting down too many of the trees to replace the pollutants. There will be an end, but I don't want to speed it up.
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