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2 Adults, 3 Children IRISH, Seek A Spacious Home, Central Paris URGENTLY NEEDED

2 Adults, 3 children IRISH, seek a spacious home, central Paris URGENTLY NEEDED Posted 03 October 2011
Hello there to the Ex-Pat community,

My name is Patrick and my wife Andrea and I are reaching out to you in hope that you all may be able to help. We urgently are seeking comfortable, and A spacious (long-term) apartment for our family. We have recently relocated from Ireland to Paris and have taken a (short-term) extremely expensive small apartment in Montmartre. This is due to end soon. the price is not the problem. Andrea and I are both professional educators, we have compiled a dossier and are actively seeking a place to make home. I am reaching out, if you know of an apartment or if you have an apartment that would be suitable for me and my family, please do not hesitate to point us in the right direction. We are willing to meet what ever reasonable demands made. We have French guarantors, the only thing is, our children attend schools in the 18th, so we do not wish to move too far from this area. As I was saying, if you can help in any way, PLEASE DO. Outside of my working hours, I am making this my sole purpose. It should not be this difficult. We do not want to give up, so if you can point us in the right direction, please do.

Patrick M.
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