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Movies in English in Paris Posted 04 September 2005
Hi everybody..
I came recently to Paris.... My french is not so good.
So.. where can I find cinemas that show movies only in English?
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Posted 05 September 2008
you can download any movies from
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Posted 28 September 2008
This is illigal
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Posted 28 September 2008
This is only for personal use, so it is legal :D
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Posted 28 September 2008
Why do then mp3 websites get banned all the time?
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Re: Movies in English in Paris Posted 29 February 2012
There are cinemas in Opera that show movies in "Original Language" aka English. Its actually not to hard to watch English language movies in Paris at all.
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Re: Movies in English in Paris Posted 04 March 2012
Most of the major cinemas show movies in v.o. (version originale). So if you go to Les Halles, the Champs Elysees, Saint Germain or Bastille, normally films are in English.However, some areas are not alwyas showing films in English (like in Place d'Italie or sometimes near Opera) and they could be dubbed. Look for films in VO.
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